Cyrill Arzner



Cyrill Arzner is the founder and acting Chief Executive Officer of Swiss International Asset Management Limited. The company’s mission relays on our long existing and traditional Swiss wealth management heritage bridging eastern and western tailor-made financial services. Our ambition is to align and represent traditional Swiss financial etiquette, values, transparency and service quality along with a unique financial technology infrastructure embedded in the highly regulated asset management environment of Hong Kong.

Cyrill has been working in the Swiss private banking, wealth and asset management industry for over 20 years. Prior to his entrepreneurial activities as co-founder of two asset management companies based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Cyrill worked as an executive director of a small boutique private bank in Zurich.

In addition to his vast experience in private banking and asset management, he has completed private banking, executive management and wealth planning education, whilst accomplishing a successful military career in Switzerland.

Apart from his professional activities, Cyrill devotes his spare time to various sports activities as well as the promotion of intercultural exchange among Asia, Europe and South Africa.