Market Wrap / View from China / ETFs / CEO interview with Tim Huxley


Geopolitical events have once again affected financial markets following the terrorist attack in Nice and an attempted coup in Turkey, sending investors scurrying for the safe havens of US treasury bonds and gold.

Meanwhile, a deluge of economic data from mainland China and the US provides hope for investors that the global economy is picking up speed.

In Japan, shares have their best week in over 6 years in anticipation of monetary and fiscal stimulus. Messenger service Line soars on its debut in Tokyo and Nintendo becomes one of the world's most valuable companies as Pokemon Go fever spreads around the globe.

Joining Money Talk this morning to bring their expert analysis on those stories is Alex Wong of Ample Capital . We shall also get our regular Monday view from the mainland with Yu Shui of Wise Profits Investment in Beijing.
After 8:30 we shall look at the latest developments in the market for Exchange Traded Funds with Toby Bland, CEO of Enhanced Investment Products. Also joining us to discuss the shipping industry is Tim Huxley, a veteran of the industry and chairman of Mandarin Shipping.
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