About Us

In late May 2015, the Association of Independent Asset Managers of Hong Kong (AIAM) was officially founded by six passionate practitioners who had been amongst those pioneering the concept of independency within the wealth management industry in Hong Kong. They envisaged the idea of setting up a representative body that would be able to assist the public and interested parties to foster better understanding of the Independent Asset Manager business model and to set the necessary Code of Ethics & Best Practice Reference Manual for the best benefits of its members, industry practitioners, clients and regulatory authorities.

AIAM was established to:

  • Assist the public and the various stake holders to have a correct understanding of the unique business model of Independent Asset Managers;
  • Establish, preserve and increase the reputation and professionalism of the IAMs in the region;
  • Strive to make an effective contribution to the protection of investors and the combating of unscrupulous business practices in wealth management industry;
  • Exchange best practices as well as share industry trends among the AIAM Members;
  • Network with other practitioners and service providers;
  • Assist in consultation and advisory of potential and interested parties who wish to set up an IAM business in Hong Kong;
  • Be the center of expertise and networking organization for , members, platform providers and other interested groups;
  • Facilitate, pursue and cultivate the interests of the profession and to define the Code of Ethics & best practices which are considered to be exemplary and authoritative beyond the membership;
  • Liaise with the Securities and Futures Commission and other regulators in Hong Kong to represent the interests of the industry group.

Mission Statement

  • To be the unified voice to dialogue with regulatory authorities and advocate for the needs of IAMs
  • To be the center of excellence allowing all people to learn and understand the Independent Asset Managers business model and how they can benefit from their services
  • To inform, educate and partner investors in their quest for suitable and high quality investment advice
  • To maintain and uphold Integrity, Ethics and the highest level of professional conduct are the cornerstones of the investment services offered and followed by its members
  • To represent the interests of the Independent Asset Managers and cultivate an effective communication with all other stake holders including investors, financial institutions, service providers and the regulator